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Working Group on Animal Support

The "Ideal Land of our Environment" Institute has been impressive in the field of animal protection since its inception. With the knowledge that the protection and conservation of all species of animals and efforts to pass the codified laws on the protection of animal rights are not in any way separate from the protection of the environment, the Institute has taken significant steps in this regard. 
The most important achievements of this institute, which was achieved by the efforts of the honorable CEO of the Peyman bazdidi Institute and the cooperation of a number of activists in this field, has been the stopping of the killing of urban dogs since about 3 years ago, making Rasht the first city in the country in That killing was completely stopped. Unfortunately, in recent years, the lack of serious, scientific and principled attention to the issue of animal protection by various sectors of society and various state institutions has caused abnormalities in society. The lack of attention to the lost circle of the world of support, which is the same culture-building, has had unpleasant consequences that everyone knows to some extent. Fortunately, with the efforts of the activists and true supporters of this arena, there are now some good things happening. 
One of the most important activities of the Animal Protection Working Group in this regard is the presentation of a plan for the organization of animal husbandry. Of course, this team has had the belief and determination on this topic since the very first day of its activities, and its action should include all animals and animals, but because of the importance of the subject of urban animals, it was the first proposed scheme for urban animals.

Also, the Animal Protection Working Group declares its readiness to work on protecting all creatures in the province, especially endangered species, and this is one of the most important goals and objectives of the working group. With the help of God and after institutionalization of the plan for organizing urban animals, other plans of this team, such as nesting for birds in the city, will prevent the arrival of invading species (such as the attacking turtles that have recently faced endangered native Gilan tortoises). The working group also plans to endorse laws in the following areas:

1 Protecting animal rights and dealing with animal welfare by judicial authorities.
2 Prevention of over-hunting of various species of animals and over-fishing of fish in the province.
3 Preventing the purchase and sale of animals, especially non-domestic animals.
4. Developing and educating animal behavior and organizing workshops to raise awareness about different and valuable species.

Including the maximum number of interested and volunteering forces and individual training will include the next steps in the work of the Animal Protection Working Group. In this regard, the team cooperates with enthusiasts and expert forces and is well-informed, because without the help and assistance of all the compassionate environment, lovers of nature and residents, it is not possible to take a step.
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